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Community hospitals and their services in the NHS: identifying transferable learning from international developments

February 2017 


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"Community Hospitals in Selected High Income Countries: A Scoping Review of Approaches and Models"


Eleanor Winpenny, Jennie Corbett, Celine Miani, Sarah King, Emma Pitchforth, Tom Ling, Edwain van Teijlingen and Ellen Nolte


International Journal of Integrated Care November 2016


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Publications on community hospitals are always welcome as this is such an under-researched area of health service provision. 


Winpenny et al have carried out a scoping review of community hospitals, building on the excellent study in 2005 by Heaney et al.  Drawing on 75 publications, the researchers have explored issues of definition, function and future of community hospitals from 10 high-income countries including those in the UK and Europe, as well as Canada, New Zealand and Australia.


The research team have created a diagrammatic representation of the nature and scope of community hospital services, showing how these small local hospitals fit within the health system across primary, community and acute care, positioned in alignment with nursing home care.  This diagram is helpful in conceptualising the community hospital, and the researchers argue this may be more useful than attempting to agree on a universal definition.


The authors conclude that community hospitals provide a wide range of services, and have a key role in integration within their local healthcare system. The authors have provided a valuable paper that will prompt much discussion. They have also illuminated the case for further research.


Review by:  Dr Helen Tucker  Vice President of the Community Hospitals Association




Winpenny, E M, Corbett, J, Miani, C, King, S, Pitchforth, E, Ling, T, van Teijlingen, E and Nolte, E 2016 Community Hospitals in Selected High Income Countries: A Scoping Review of Approaches and Models. International Journal of Integrated Care, 16(4): 13, pp. 1–13, DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.5334/ijic.2463




A presentation was made to the CHA conference in May 2016 in Bristol by Emma Pitchforth.